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I have been keeping a visual diary from a young age to document my day to day life and my experiences with trauma, survival and healing. This website began as a personal project to document these diaries for my own interest. About a third of my diary pages are shown here. As the project progresses, so does my relationship with myself and the diaries themselves. 

I also illustrate and write freelance for a variety of publications.


I sell prints of all art shown on my website and Instagram. I also take commissions. Sales are available to any custom size with home and international shipping. Due to the nature and volume of my art I conduct sales over emails or DMs. Please contact me with the preferred image and size and we can take it from there. 

Price guide excluding postage: A5 - £8 ; A4 - £15 ; A3 - £30 ; A2 - £60 ; A1 - £90


Please contact me at for sales, commissions, enquiries and feedback. 

If you've valued my art or writing and would like to contribute to the cost of materials and time, you can donate to me at

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